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About Us

The Best Ink in Horn Lake

Sickside Tattoo Studio opened May of 2008 and has been thriving ever since. We’re dedicated to making our clients feel like a part of a family and the pursuit of artistic excellence. We take pride in the quality of our work, along with our exceptional customer service. We feature artists who are not only creative but also personal. Always feel free to inquire about custom designs.


Sickside Tattoo Studio is an award-winning parlor and a proud forerunner for the Erase The Hate movement. We’ve been featured on various news outlets (local news stations and VICE included) and on Netflix for our local support of covering gang-related or racist tattoos free of charge, in order to better our community.

We sell our own unique brand of organic healing products, Tattoo Cream, Piercing Spray, and Mouth Rinse, as well as a variety of jewelry, T-shirts, and Sickside apparel.

Our tattoo minimum is $50, and our hourly rate is $150.00. Piercings start at $30, but the price is subject to the complexity of the piercing.

Check out our artists’ work, and call to book an appointment. (Piercings and consultations require no appointment!)

We have several quality tattoo and piercing artists: Jaxx (Tattoo and Piercing), Drew (Tattoo and Piercing),

Contact Us

1721 Dancy Blvd, Horn Lake, MS 38637, USA

(662) 342-6767

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